What we do

By focusing on touring muscians we're able to build features specific to your needs on and off the road.

Sign ups without the sheets

Allow fans to sign up at shows just by sending an email or scanning a QR code. Have a merch draw for people who sign up, we make that easy too.

Make sure your fans know

Get more fans to your shows with email sequences leading up to your arrival. Get more plays on Spotify by sending out links when you release new music. Your fans want to know what you're doing. Don't disappoint.

Help when you need it

We're here to help. If you need a hand moving your list over from another provider, questions about how to do anything, or ideas to make your life easier we're here to listen and help.

Your fans stay your fans

We are so confident that you'll want to stay with us that we make it easy to download your list at any time and move on. If you do decide to move to another provider we'll even help you move.

Go local with your mail

With location information for fans on your lists you can send out messages only to the fans that will benefit most.

Build deeper relationships

Store links to your fans social media accounts, their names, birthdays, anything you want to help you connect on a more personal level with your fans. We can even get you setup to send out birthday emails.

Ready to make the most of your emails?


Since messages to any individual member of your list will generally be infrequent we charge per email instead of per list member.

Accounts, list management and the community functions are all FREE. You only pay for emailing your list.

$10.00/1000 emails sent
Volume discounts available.

Your fans want to hear from you.

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